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With a mission to manufacture highly efficient and reliable products in the dietary supplements industry, the GROW DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS USA LABS has developed partnerships with the most renowed laboratories, universities and athletes. The brazilian executive Marcelo Bella, with his 32 years of international experience in the segment, was chosen to lead the company as CEO, and his goal is no less than make GROW DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS a market leader.

With an ambitious project that will cost $ 6 million in the first year, the GDS USA founded its Brazilian subsidiary, the GROW DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS DO BRASIL, which will provide manufacturing outsourcing services to private labels. The GROW DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS USA LABS launched the BLACK SKULL Heavy Sports Nutrition in the world market, this brand is dedicated to the public that seeks effective results to build a strong body, with muscle definition and healthy.

After all, every Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Strongman champions have attitudes in common: – They seek to be victorious in everything, train tirelessly, conquer the best results in sport nutrition and give the maximum for the cause. The BLACK SKULL™ is a heavy hardcore line designed with powerful nutrients and presented in its most concentrated form. All of this and much more, thinking and respecting your goals, and consolidating your results.